Monday, February 8, 2010

Luxe Pearl Collar $70

I love pearls and when I spotted this in a magazine that a friend and fellow beader lent me, I couldn't resist doing it up. Woven using Swarovski pearls in various sizes and lots of effort! Very bridal-looking too.

Necklace is choker length and is meant to sit around the base of the neck. I have attached a extension chain for the perfect fit.

Faye $20

A pretty blue and white combination of glass beads. Great for a casual weekend :) Necklace is about 30inches long.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ethnic Bling $30

An interesting mix of materials here: Wooden black squares, multiple faceted "crystal" blings of different shapes and tones, black faceted elongated beads, matt gold beads, faceted "crystal" balls and two round black beads with gold carvings all linked together with a weaved thick silver chain.

A piece that is both elegant and unique...

All wrapped!!!

I felt so accomplished this period... I've been completing so many orders and creating quite a lot of accessories... so many orders of the little angels which are ideal gifts for X'mas and these lovely bag charms are affordable and unique too... First pic shows the number of bag charms created while 2nd pic shows them all nicely wrapped in organza bags ready to be gifted! :))

Bag Charm (Code: H13) $12

Do pardon the shadow... another late night photograph taken of this bag charm. I love strawberries and cherries charms... as such, the second in the bag charm series to have a big strawberry dangling from it. Lots of green and red glitter dust, but all nicely encased in a plastic cover so no worries abt any of it sticking to your bag. Complemented by faux pearls, red bead and green tear-drops...

Bag Charm (Code: H12) $12

Another customised bag charm for my friend as a X'mas pressie.. A purple cube dangles from the bottom with some white flower balls, multi-hued red and pink beads, pink and purple multi-faceted beads and heart charms.

Amongst Flowers $15

The third bookmark. A silver rod with designs of flowers imprinted on it. I've decided to keep things simple and just dangle a lovely yet striking crystallised butterfly from it. With the butterfly swaying around, the image of it flying amongst a garden of flowers is presented.

Reaching for the Stars $15

A bronze rod with stars, suns and rainbows.. A lovely ballerina trying to reach for the star that hangs on the rod... with some glass flowers sashaying in between. A picture depicting the arts and reaching for your dreams.

This is also the present we chose for bf's mother... Hope she likes it :)

I've sufficient materials just to re-create one more...

Golden Leaf $15

In cracking my head over a gift for my bf's mother, I came up with an idea of a bookmark since she loves reading just as I do. As such, I've created a series of 3 different bookmarks so that my bf can choose the one he thinks his mum will like best.

The ones in the series, a wavy rod from which a handmade polymer golden clay leaf hangs from it. I was wondering what to do with this beautiful leaf and now I've finally found a good use for it. The leaf has pearls and crystal embedded in it. A lovely trail of translucent white flowers with some multi-hue reflection hang from it. A really lovely gift for one who reads...

Sharmine $16

This is a first time attempt at creating a hair-tie... except for the leaves & the tiny Swarovski pearl, all parts are from Japan.

Whitish translucent petals shimmering with specks of gold with pink and creamy yellow centres, this hair-tie is totally reflective of a delicate beauty. Green leaves made of glass with painted gold veins complement the flower. It was a custom order for a friend who wished to order Christmas gifts for her colleagues.. I've only sufficient materials for one more such hair-tie.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's X'mas season!!!

There's only about a month to X'mas!!
Do consider getting a unique gift for your loved ones....

All our products will come in organza bags. For the more expensive range of accessories (typically the necklaces), they will come in boxes. We also have some lovely boxes such as those below in varying sides. When ordering the accessories, do let us know your preference and we can deliver the presents in these boxes too... the boxes come in varying sizes and cost about $2 - $3 each. If you do trust us, you can leave it to us to select the most appropriate packaging (i.e. match the product size/type to the type of boxes to be used).

Edwina $32

This is a very unique piece (pardon the bad photography). It has 2 toggles with lovely flower design. Roses and leaves dangle from a thicker chain. If you un-do both toggles, you have a simple straight chain as below:

And viola! You can actually wear the thicker chain as a bracelet! Just imagine roses and leaves sashaying either on your waist or your neck...

Esmeralda $52

Sometimes, what ideas we started out with may evolve into something totally different as long as we keep our minds open...

The jade donut was one of my spoils from a trip in Hong Kong. I bought a few pieces in varying shades, thickness and size. Was wondering what to do with them and decided to try to put them in a trendy light... Jade is often perceived as old-fashion.... but some of them are simply so lovely! However, in the midst of crafting this piece, I ran into some minor issues of fitting in the filigee. As such, the idea evolved into something still traditional, but with a twist of modern look.

Aventurine beads, Swarovski pearls and elongated Czech glass beads form the length of necklace. As the main focus is the jade pendant, I've made this necklace the length of something similar to a choker so that it sits higher on the collar bone. Ending with a dragonfly toggle, the jade donut shows a soothing green colour with some translucency.

Isabella $20

Imported bluish-greenish flower balls with intricate design...Crystal rings... Blue glass brios...
A refreshing combination yet looking sweet at the same time...

Wine Glass Charms ($18 for set of 6, $24 for set of 10)

As with the angels, re-launching this series of wine-glass charms for the festive season!

Been to quite a no. of parties.. and the sad thing is, with so many guests, the glasses do get mixed up after awhile. What better gift for him (& of coz for her too) if he likes to entertain or appreciate wines?

Rodium hoops to ensure that they are more lasting and do not rust that easily, multi-faceted colourful acrylic beads and of coz, a different charm on each to ensure individuality.
The acrylic beads look really pretty when light falls on them (or through them)!

The charms from the top left down:
1) Cat, 2) Lady's hat, 3) Holly, 4) Strawberry, 5) Bicycle, 6) Heart, 7) Sandal, 8) Butterfly, 9) Pacifier. (Click on the pic to see details of charms.)

I do have some more charms and acrylic beads of different colours.. However, I'm unable to post all up.. So this is just a sample.. for each set ordered, I'll ensure that the charms are all different with various matching colour combinations. Some charms will be unisex, masculine or feminine to cater to all the guests! :))

Wine Glass Charms II ($18 for set of 6; $24 for set of 10)

Another version of wine glass charms. Instead of using transparent colourful acrylic beads, this version comes with solid coloured beads with a pearly sheen.. to create a classic look... and of coz, a more christmassy look.. :)
From the top left:
1) Knot design (sorry..not sure what is this type of knot called);
2) Heart with the words "made with love";
3) Floral frame;
4) Another version of butterfly;
5) Heart-shaped lock;
6) Small snowflake;
7) Round "sun face" medallion;
8) Floral medal with swirl in the middle;
9) Heart with designs around it
8) Holly leaf
There are other charms that I've.. inclusive of Xmas boot, fish bone, cap, another version of snowflake, etc. However, not posted as too many. As with previous wine glass charms posted up, will ensure there's a fair mix. However, the choice to be made is actually the beads: pls state preference of Transparent acrylic beads or Pearly opaque beads.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Raphaelle $22

Another ring with a filigee frame, adjustable with a lovely turquoise flower and a Swarovski pearl in its centre. A sweet blue faceted crystal drops from the ring.

Paeon $20

I love Greek mythology. As such, this piece is named after Paeon. I got the inspiration as I was thinking of the peony... the clay flower here looks just like the magnificent flower.
The peony is named after Paeon or Paean, a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Asclepius became jealous of his pupil; Zeus saved Paeon from the wrath of Asclepius by turning him into the peony flower.

The beautiful ring is actually a bronze filigee ring, with the flower as the centre-piece and a lovely bronze-encrusted crystal dangles from the ring, adding to its charm and grace. This is an adjustable ring.

Damask $18 (SOLD OUT)

Another rose creation... two clay roses sitting in the centre with crystals flanking them. Hanging from a slender filigee and accompanied by 2 purplish Swarovski pearls... Sweet....

Rosa Centifolia $24

Rosa Centifolia - (lit. hundred leaved/petaled rose; syn. R. gallica var. centifolia (L.) Regel), the provence rose or cabbage rose or Rose de Mai is a hybrid rose developed by Dutch rose breeders in the period between the 1600s and the 1800s, possibly earlier. It is a complex hybrid.
I personally like the above bracelet a lot. Made up of a bronze chain, a heart-shaped and arrow toggle, with a translucent bead of the "fire" colour.. and of course, the centre piece - a reddish, pinkish rose set in a bronze pendant. A piece that is simple, vintage-looking, striking and graceful all rolled into one.
The picture speaks for itself.....

Angels HP Accessories $10

Re-launching the Angel HP accessories for the X'mas season....
Made from Swarvoski components, each piece is different and put together with much love and attention to the colour combination. They are great for keepsakes or as gifts to friends and colleagues for the upcoming festive season. :)

The picture above shows various colours of the angel wings, holding either a metal rose or a white/blue crystal. (Pls click on the pic for a larger view.)
Each angel is about 2cm in height, excluding the handphone strap that comes with it. And each angel will come with a little organza gift bag.

When ordering your angel(s), if you have any favourite combination of colours for the wings, "hands" and/or centre piece, so let us know. If not, we will be more than happy to provide a surprise in the colour combination.
The following prices will apply:
- 1 to 2 pcs: $10 each
- 3 to 5 pcs: $9 each
- 6 pcs & above: $8 each

Monday, November 2, 2009


Bored with the usual office lanyard? How about a beaded one that could also double up as an accessory?

This is a simple one that I made using seed beads and glass pearls. But really, there are endless can use glass beads, pearls, wooden beads, crystals.
These are great as practical gifts too. Do drop me a line if you are interested. The cost would vary with the materials used.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas came a little early this year...

Went on a little trip to Japan this year and bought some jewellery parts and findings there. I barely scratched the surface of the many many beading shops there. Would love to go back there one day to buy more stuff.

This little guy was one of my finds there. Did it up as simple mis-matched dangly pair of earrings. No prizes for guessing what I would be wearing to this year's Christmas parties/events :)

Janette $16

Handmade clay rosettes with baby pink centres wired to light blue brios. Perfect for a garden themed party :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kimi $18

Long and slim, Kimi is simplicity and understated elegance. Made of freshwater pearls and smokey quartz swarovski crystals. It can be worn with a classic dress to any function. This is one of my personal favourites.

Pearl Beaded Ball Pendant ($22, excluding chain)

Must confess upfront that this is not the most original of ideas. But I couldn't resist making this when I came across a pretty string of freshwater pearls that's the perfect size for weaving into this ball of pearls. Looks best when worn with a thin gold chain.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My new hobby.....

Given that I love to do handicrafts, it is only right that some of my gifts to my love ones would also be handmade by me. After doing 2 cross-stitches, I was wondering what next to do for my boyfriend. Despite the fact that I like to make accessories, I never like guys to wear them :p

Anyway, after much deliberation, I decided to make a teddy bear for him :) Hand-sewing a teddy bear is indeed not too easy.. and the materials do cost a bit too. Since this is my first attempt, I decided to use not too expensive fur compared to the usual mohair... I've also decided to make it small.. not one for cuddling but one to place on the desk...

And the end-product is on the right. Though not exactly as good as those in the shops, but I've done some research and realised that mine doesn't look that bad as all hand-sewn bears go :p

The best part is... it MOVES!! All joints including the head can be turned! How cool is that huh??? :p

I've also decorated it with a "burberry" ribbon... not the real thing of coz... but some checkered ribbon ... and I love checkered design :)

The end product, happily sitting in a nice box, before it was wrapped up and tied up with a lovely white satin ribbon :)

Niagara Falls $28

This is a piece that I did for myself...
I bought a blue cheongsam to wear for Chinese New Year. With such a high collar, there is no necessity of a necklace. However, among my accessories then, there were no earrings that could have complemented the dress.
Hence, I put my hands to work and came up with this. Quite some work given the amount of Swarovski crystals & pearls dangling from the earrings.
I used a pair of earring posts with crystals laid out in the design of flowers. At the end of the earrings are 2 lovely blue faceted glass brios.
This pair of earrings is definitely a stunner.. dangling at a length of 7.7cm, they are bound to draw anyone's attention and present a cool lovely sensation alike to that of the waterfall...

Angel Snow $35

This is truly a unique piece.
When I was in Japan, I only bought 2 of these beautiful glass pendants.. 1 with gold trimmings and white painted flowers, the other with "black" trimmings and white flowers against a maroon background.

I've decided to keep the design simple.. so as to show the loveliness of the floral pendant. Featuring the gold pendant here while I decide what to do with the other one :p

A lovely pendant on a 14K gold-plated necklace, accentuated by freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals.... The length of the entire necklace is 16 inches.. a short necklace sitting nicely on the collar bone...

Simple yet elegant piece..

Cinderella's Dream $24

Finally... I've got some time to post up some items that I've done some time back. Life is simply too busy.. with adjustment to new job and prioritising things. Just wish I've more time each day so that I can indulge myself in all my hobbies... :p

Anyway, one of the rare items featuring those beautiful items I bought in Japan close to 2 years ago... :p yah.. a long time ago..

A bracelet, toggle style (and a beautiful floral toggle), with 2 "double-sided" flowers and a carriage dangling at the end. The 2 flowers have 2 views: cream enamel on 1 side and gold on the other with crystal in the middle.. so you can decide which side you wish to show.

A really dainty and sweet piece.. with a fairy tale behind it's concept... :)
All parts are 14K gold plated...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Update

Life has simply got in the way of creating and crafting. Not much time for creative work these days but I have been doing some customised orders for family and friends. So do drop us an email if you wish to have a special piece done for yourself or as a gift to a special someone.

Have been doing some de-cluttering lately and have cleared some of the older stocks which are now listed as sold. If you still want to order some of our old favourites, do drop us a line. We will try our best to remake for you, subject to availability of materials. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tranquility $25

Green always brings to mind calmness and serenity. Olive jade donuts dangle off cable chains that are crowned with a cluster of peridot rounds, freshwater rice pearls and crystals.

All metal accents in 925 silver.
Drop of slightly under 4cm.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Queen's Ring $35 (SOLD, recreation upon request)

Part II of the Glam Series... Presenting the Queen's Ring.. Yes... a ring fit for a queen -- This is the end product of an experiment with weaving of Swarovski crystals around a Swarovski cabonchon. Hence, you seen some 3-mm crystals encrusting a gem in their midst.. a clear amethyst. Again, various pictures taken to show you how the ring looks like under different lighting (the pictures have not been enhanced, hence what you see is what my camera shows -- be it good or bad photography :pp and do pardon my ugly hand.. :pp)
In order to maximise comfort, instead of using crystals at the back, I've used high quality metal beads that will not poke into you while you "radiate"...
Interested parties, pls email me the diameter of a ring you normally wear so that I can tailor it accordingly. Do note that this ring is not adjustable. The price is not cheap due to the quality of the crystal and also the tremendous amount of effort to create this...

Exuberance $35

My mother wanted something to wear to a dinner. Hence, i created this super glam series....
Introducing the first of this series which I've been experiencing with recently:

Exuberance. Made from 925 sterling silver and cubic zirconia and a beautiful high-quality multi-faceted teardrop Swarovski crystal, she is simply too radiant. I've attached various pictures here to show her in different light.

The "fiery" amethyst shimmery tone... that catches light at every angle. At one moment, she appears pinkish purplish.. at another, she seems darker and emits a bluish tone.

Simply string her up with a silver or white gold chain and you're all ready to dazzle! (chain not included but can be sourced for at an additional cost)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sailor Boy $16

After an entire series of cute little baby gals, here comes the boy series! The first one.. a little boy wearing a sailor cap. Since it's for the boys, colours for this series will be darker..

For the guys who never grow up... :)))

Baby Aries $16 (SOLD)

A cute little baby with some "swirled" horns.. Extremely cute when themed with a pretty red fluffy skirt. Again, Swarovski crystals for its limbs.

Baby Cancer $16 (SOLD)

Another baby... and this one was done at the request of S. Ever seen a purple crab??? :p This cute baby may not have the "Precious Moment" look.. but more of an impish look...

Much apologies.. think I need to raise the price of these babies.. reason being that the supplier has increased the prices. The wait may also be slightly longer since the shipments are not coming in as fast. Pls note that these clayheads are all handmade... and hence, every piece is unique and well-worth the price. These babies are not that easy to create and do take quite a bit of effort.. especially when trying to drive a pin through the super resilent core of the fluffy bodies. My record: an hr trying to drive a needle through 1..

However, I'll continue to honour the old price for those who have already made their orders...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Latte $35 (SOLD)

Latte is a long necklace (about 28-29 inches) formed using glass and resin beads. Soothing and earthy. Perfect compliment to any outfit in earthy tones.

Powder Pink $18 (SOLD)

This pretty pair of earrings features handmade polymer clay beads by Charlene (Tinkle Art Room). Complete with a little circlet of tiny creamy swarovski pearls and white clay rose with a sweet pink centre. A small glass brio in the same sweet pink ends of this delectable pair.